Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Have you ever been to your Temple of Desire?
It's an open temple, with a circular form, with pillars all around the centre.

Each pillar represents one of your desires.
The greatest desires are the tallest pillars.
The secondary desires are the smallest pillars.

During the height of your Life, pure yang - The midday sun illuminates your Temple of Desire. You feel that everything is in order, for only Light illuminates your desires.

But what is the height of your Life than but a moment?
For on all the remaining moments in your Life, it will not be midday.
There is something else in your pillars - Shadow.

Shadows are fear.
Should you have desires, you will have fear.
For when all pillars vanish, how can there be shadow?
Thus it is said that fear has no substance - It only exists in attachment to something else.

When you decide to remove pillars from your temple, you will have less fear.
When your mind is free from all desires, no fear can arise.

The ordinary man fills his mind with desire and his temple crumbles at the sight of fear.
The sage empties his mind from desire and his temple is nothing but Void.
What need is there to focus on temples if it is so easy to reach Void?
Why create fear when you can discover illumination?


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