Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Standing at the altar, incense is lit and focusing begins.
Each by each, I look at the objects on the altar.
Every single object is a symbol representing a part of my life.
As the incense burns under the dimmed light, my spirit awakens.

So today:
What have I done to bring Love into my Life?
Was I lazy at work or did I go beyond my expectations?
What have I learned? What do I know?
What have I taught?
Did I perform well as a member of this family?
Was I an integral part of society?
Did I try to improve my health?

The incense burns out as I look at the top of the altar.
A question remains.
For all the actions and non-actions of the day,
With more or less illusions still to fade away...

What was the outcome? Am I closer to Tao?


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