Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Waking up.
Getting up to this reality.

Touching my bed -it turns to dust.
Taking a shower - I clean myself of dust with dust.
Dressing up - I protect my body with dust.
Eating breakfast -I let dust come into my body
I open the door - I enter a world of dust.

Problems with traffic - I find dust.
Arriving at my office - I find more dust.
Financial problems? - Even more dust.
Exhaustion? - Dust clouds my body and mind.

Going back home - Enough dust for today.

I sit down.
I focus on the color red and spray it all over the dust in my mind.
I attribute it to the physicality of worldly events.
Red dust clouds my mind - Where is stillness? Where is peace?

In stillness and quiet meditation I let the red dust settle in the water of my mind.
But my mind will be shaken tomorrow, and the red dust will devoid my mind from clarity.
Do I need such instability?
Why do I cling to red dust?
Why not clinging to the purity of my mind?

I retreat to myself. I too am dust, in the eternity of Tao.
Isn't my short life worth celebrating, instead of constant worrying?
May I be the happiest grain of dust on the Earth!
All around me are illusions - I too am one.
Yet they have a purpose.
All around me is Tao - I too am Tao.
Yet Tao is not me.

The sage goes beyond illusion and finds the Absolute Tao.
Why must we go towards illusion and find absolute reality?


Anonymous Miguel Sena said...

The man is said

"you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Must we transcend that "reality"?

12:33 am  

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