Sunday, March 20, 2005


Dispersion in Learning,
so learning is shallow

Dispersion at Work,
so work is incomplete

Dispersion at Home,
so family life is unbalanced

Dispersion in Love,
so the heart wanders

Dispersion in the Past,
so the present is unfocused

Dispersion in the Mind,
so the Spirit is ever-stirred

Dispersion in Spiritual Practice,
so one can never be with Tao

The wind moves over the water
An image of Dispersing
In correspondence with this,
The ancient king offers sacrifice to the Lord of Heaven
And establishes temples.

Dispersion comes from the absence of structure in every aspect of Life. While in Chaos, we might encounter freedom, but freedom by itself leads to no advance.
So if dispersing, stop. Examine yourself. Find the missing patterns in your life.
While acting, be focused and always do your best. Tao manifests itself in patterns, yet it is Void.
First conquer the patterns, only then conquer void.

Establish your temples, reunite with your deities.


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