Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Have you ever been to your Temple of Desire?
It's an open temple, with a circular form, with pillars all around the centre.

Each pillar represents one of your desires.
The greatest desires are the tallest pillars.
The secondary desires are the smallest pillars.

During the height of your Life, pure yang - The midday sun illuminates your Temple of Desire. You feel that everything is in order, for only Light illuminates your desires.

But what is the height of your Life than but a moment?
For on all the remaining moments in your Life, it will not be midday.
There is something else in your pillars - Shadow.

Shadows are fear.
Should you have desires, you will have fear.
For when all pillars vanish, how can there be shadow?
Thus it is said that fear has no substance - It only exists in attachment to something else.

When you decide to remove pillars from your temple, you will have less fear.
When your mind is free from all desires, no fear can arise.

The ordinary man fills his mind with desire and his temple crumbles at the sight of fear.
The sage empties his mind from desire and his temple is nothing but Void.
What need is there to focus on temples if it is so easy to reach Void?
Why create fear when you can discover illumination?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Harvesting Dispersion

For months I have been stuck in dispersion
Always with too much on my mind
Living life without a clear focus
Like pure sunlight on an empty field

When you do not know what to plant
Will it be wheat, corn or sunflower?
And time passes by, and Spring arrives
Isn't it already too late?

So what can I expect of summer?
If I acted as sunlight and had little focus
How can it be that this year I will harvest anything?

How can I see the green of my plants
Instead of the red arid soil of a Yang child without a Yin mother?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Waking up.
Getting up to this reality.

Touching my bed -it turns to dust.
Taking a shower - I clean myself of dust with dust.
Dressing up - I protect my body with dust.
Eating breakfast -I let dust come into my body
I open the door - I enter a world of dust.

Problems with traffic - I find dust.
Arriving at my office - I find more dust.
Financial problems? - Even more dust.
Exhaustion? - Dust clouds my body and mind.

Going back home - Enough dust for today.

I sit down.
I focus on the color red and spray it all over the dust in my mind.
I attribute it to the physicality of worldly events.
Red dust clouds my mind - Where is stillness? Where is peace?

In stillness and quiet meditation I let the red dust settle in the water of my mind.
But my mind will be shaken tomorrow, and the red dust will devoid my mind from clarity.
Do I need such instability?
Why do I cling to red dust?
Why not clinging to the purity of my mind?

I retreat to myself. I too am dust, in the eternity of Tao.
Isn't my short life worth celebrating, instead of constant worrying?
May I be the happiest grain of dust on the Earth!
All around me are illusions - I too am one.
Yet they have a purpose.
All around me is Tao - I too am Tao.
Yet Tao is not me.

The sage goes beyond illusion and finds the Absolute Tao.
Why must we go towards illusion and find absolute reality?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I Ching (Yijing) readings

Today I added to this blog a link to my e-mail address so, if you wish, you can send me any issue you're having trouble solving so I can do an I Ching (Yijing) reading on it.

For more information, please view the last item on the menu at the right.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Standing at the altar, incense is lit and focusing begins.
Each by each, I look at the objects on the altar.
Every single object is a symbol representing a part of my life.
As the incense burns under the dimmed light, my spirit awakens.

So today:
What have I done to bring Love into my Life?
Was I lazy at work or did I go beyond my expectations?
What have I learned? What do I know?
What have I taught?
Did I perform well as a member of this family?
Was I an integral part of society?
Did I try to improve my health?

The incense burns out as I look at the top of the altar.
A question remains.
For all the actions and non-actions of the day,
With more or less illusions still to fade away...

What was the outcome? Am I closer to Tao?

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Dispersion in Learning,
so learning is shallow

Dispersion at Work,
so work is incomplete

Dispersion at Home,
so family life is unbalanced

Dispersion in Love,
so the heart wanders

Dispersion in the Past,
so the present is unfocused

Dispersion in the Mind,
so the Spirit is ever-stirred

Dispersion in Spiritual Practice,
so one can never be with Tao

The wind moves over the water
An image of Dispersing
In correspondence with this,
The ancient king offers sacrifice to the Lord of Heaven
And establishes temples.

Dispersion comes from the absence of structure in every aspect of Life. While in Chaos, we might encounter freedom, but freedom by itself leads to no advance.
So if dispersing, stop. Examine yourself. Find the missing patterns in your life.
While acting, be focused and always do your best. Tao manifests itself in patterns, yet it is Void.
First conquer the patterns, only then conquer void.

Establish your temples, reunite with your deities.

Tao thoughts

The true Tao cannot be spoken of.
So our path is one of struggle between layers of illusion until they are no longer needed.

This is one of my layers of illusion.
Until the day it is no longer needed.